Day #49 – #53: Week of June 4, 2017 (Life)

“Life is one funny mothafucka, A true comedian, you gotta love him, you gotta trust him”

This week, I managed to ride over 100 miles in just 5 days. Unfortunately, my outer shift cable snapped as I pedaled through my 27th mile yesterday so I couldn’t complete my 60-mile ride as planned. It sucked, but at least I didn’t fall, which as you all know, I am very famous for.

Weekly Stats

  • Total Lifetime Distance: 2697 miles | 4340 km
  • Yearly Distance Remaining: 772 miles | 1242 km
  • This Week’s Distance: 122 miles | 196 km
  • This Week’s Average Speed: 14.04 mph | 22.59 km/h

Thank you for reading guys. Until next time, ride safely. Remember, if you haven’t, follow me on Instagram.


  1. Wow! very impressive. I’m glad that you indicated the average speed. My daughter and I we’re out shopping and we drove by a bike cyclist and she asked me, “I wonder how fast they can go?” I said well, I would think it depends how light the bike is and how fast they can peddle. So, if you’re average speed it 14.0 mph what is your top speed?

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    1. The fastest I’ve gone was downhill on a windy day at 30 mph. On average 14 mph is what I do, but I have friends who average well above 20. So it all depends on the rider and like you guessed the bike and gear.

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