Day #48 – May 20th, 2017 (‘Half-Century’)

“Nothing great in the world has ever been accomplished without passion”

Yesterday, for the first time, I managed to ride 50 miles straight. It was hard, and I almost gave up about 100 times, but I managed to finish. I am so proud of myself and the progress I’ve made. It’s taken everything I have, but I can finally say that I’m starting to feel like a real cyclist.

Next weekend I’ll push myself into the 60-mile realm, and with that cross 2600 lifetime miles.

Today’s Stats

  • Total Lifetime Distance: 2569 miles | 4134 km
  • Yearly Distance Remaining: 894 miles | 1438 km
  • Today’s Distance: 50 miles | 80 km
  • Today’s Average Speed: 14.1 mph | 22.69 km/h
  • Today’s Total Riding Time:  3 hours 32 minutes

Thank you for reading guys. Until next time, ride safely.

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  1. You should leave out the yearly distance remaining…. This is how I look at “goals”: I know I will ride as much as I can, as far as I can, therefore distance goals are no longer necessary.

    If you’re riding 50 or 60 miles on a weekend day, you’ll pass your goal by August.

    My loose goal for the year is 8,500 miles. I have no idea if I’ll get there, and I don’t much care if I fall short because my bigger goals are to have fun, ride often and enjoy my fitness.

    Admittedly, I’m a little advanced of where you’re at but you’re doing a great job. Why not revisit that yearly goal and broaden it a little? Think bigger.

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    1. Damn you’re absolutely correct. 2100 Is almost completed now. I might go all the way up to 3k but I think my new goal is to teach people that weightloss can be achieved through cycling and that riding a bike is one of the best things a person can do to better their life. You gave me some great inspiration thank you!

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      1. You’re an inspiration, man. Ride hard and smile big!

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