Day #46 – May 11th, 2017 (‘Taking over the world’)

“What are we doing tomorrow? The same thing we do everynight. Try to take over the world.”

Today I finally felt like my old self again. The weather is starting to come around, and today the El Paso sun warmed my body as I rode to a very awesome lunch with my friend Art.  It’s crazy, we’re working on this super awesome app together and it feels amazing. It’s unbelievable that out of everyone on earth I am lucky enough to pursue my dreams. It’s taken a lot of work to get here, but I can finally say that I’m making “it”.

Like, I fucking love my life. I get to share a romantic life with my best friend (my fucking P.I.C). Every day I can’t wait to wake up at 4:00 am to work on the projects I care about. I’m not rich, but I can tell you I’m no longer poor. I get to feel like I’m changing the world by writing lines of code. I get to ride my bike whenever I want, not whenever I can. I’ve met wonderful people and they’ve changed my life, but most importantly I’m chasing my dreams, for better or worst.

Today’s Stats

  • Total Lifetime Distance: 2477 miles | 3986 km
  • Yearly Distance Remaining: 985 miles | 1585 km
  • Today’s Distance: 31 miles | 49 km
  • Today’s Average Speed: 14 mph | 22.53 km/h
  • Today’s Total Riding Time:  2 hours 12 minutes

Thank you for reading guys. Until next time, ride safely.

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  1. It’s a good feeling, I know it also. Congratulations!

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