Day #44 – May 6th, 2017 (‘#BikeMonth’)

“Think training’s hard? Try losing.”

It feels so good to be back! I missed talking to you guys and I missed riding my bike even more. I was finally able to give it my all this week, as I rode my bike for 20 quick miles on Thursday afternoon. Today I hope to get in at least a 50-mile ride, but with this crazy weather, who knows?

On another note, May is the official national #bikemonth so I will try my best to get out and ride a completely new route every day and share my adventures with you in a mini-series using #bikemonth! Pictures from every ride will be posted here and on my Instagram, so stay tuned!

Today’s Stats

  • Total Lifetime Distance: 2426 miles | 3904 km
  • Yearly Distance Remaining: 1035 miles | 1665 km
  • Today’s Distance: 20 miles | 32 km
  • Today’s Average Speed: 15.8 mph | 25.42 km/h
  • Today’s Total Riding Time:  1 hours 16 minutes

Thank you for reading guys. Until next time, ride safely.

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