Day #29 – March 17, 2017 (‘The Fall’)

“Don’t let your fear of what could happen make nothing happen”

Yesterday, for the first time I had the pleasure of riding with a group. It was the most unexpected thing, but as my wife and I rode around our city, my close friend Juan unexpectedly appeared. We tagged along and met up with a few other friends and rode a total of 11 miles up into the most beautiful view our little town has to offer. It was a steady short climb to get to the location but it was worth it.

As the sun set, we sat there reminiscing and enjoying each other’s company. At around 8:00 pm we were ready to call it a night and in a sea of darkness we had to make our way back. As we began to head home the downward slope from our climb made it easy to pedal, and that’s where it happened.

At around 1 mile from our location our roads filled with sand. Most of us got through just fine, but I misread the situation and ran my bike right through a little mountain of sand. As I hit my brakes to reduce my speed, I lost control of my bike and ended, knees first, on the floor. Fortunately, I landed on the sandy hills, so while the hit was unexpected, I was able to get up and keep riding!

P.S. I am going over to Crazy Cat Cyclery  today to get a complimentary fitting! I am both excited and nervous about it, but it’ll be an unforgettable experience.


Today’s Stats

  • Total Lifetime Distance: 1959 miles | 3152 km
  • Yearly Distance Remaining: 1386 miles | 2230 km
  • Today’s Distance: 10 miles | 16 km
  • Today’s Average Speed: 9.2 mph | 14.8 km/h
  • Today’s Total Riding Time:  1 hours 11 minutes
Photo Mar 17, 9 28 32 PM

Mile 585 out of 2017

Thank you for reading guys. Until next time, ride safely.

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